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A retro shmup with an 80's vibe (Yes, another one!) rescued from a parallel universe, currently in development (the game, not the parallel universe). Super Outsiders from the Parallel Space is a bullet hell type shoot 'em up full of saturated colors, spacechips, lazers, and robot women from an alien dimension!

The Earth is under attack by an unknown enemy we call the Outsiders from the Parallel Space! The most powerfull nations of Earth tried to fight them and miserably lost! Now the last chance of mankind is a group of private freelance fighters with an ace up their sleeve, their own ships improved with state-of-the-art alien technology.

·Defend Earth from the eerie Outsiders!
·Fight back through our solar system, the hyperspace and beyond!
·Play as different characters, each one with his/her/its (yes its) own fighter ship and playstyle.
·Hidden unlockable characters.
·More hidden things.
·Single player arcade mode, or local multiplayer for up to four characters!
·Compatible with gamepad controller.
·Alien robot women from space!
·Hopefully with music! Because what kind of 80's vibed game this would be without music?

Published Mar 23, 2016
StatusOn hold
Tags2D, 80s, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Space

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