A downloadable game for Windows

Dead Man Shooting is a fast-paced action game with small roguelike elements, and Metal Slug inspired controls, developed for the 2017 CGA Jam

Left, Right -> Movement
Up -> Aim up
Down -> Crouch, point down while jumping
X -> Shoot (game), Accept (menus)
Z -> Jump
C -> Reload weapon

Shoot for your life and try to survive as long as you can to a neverending wave of outlaws trying to shoot you down. Pick cards to restore your life, gain extra ammo, earn money, and get luck clovers.
You can find up to 4 weapons (Revolver, Shotgun, Gatling Gun and Tomahawk axes), and 8 different power-ups.

English and Spainsh texts are available.


Dead Man Shooting V1.3.5.zip 2 MB

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